How to use

How do Level breathing strips work?

How do Level breathing strips work? Level breathing strips are equipped with three flexible “spring-like” bands that gently stick to the area right above the flare of each nostril. Once applied, the bands attempt to straighten back to their original shape, thus lifting and opening the sides of the nose for instant nasal congestion relief – a simple yet effective solution.

How long can I use my Level breathing strip?

Level breathing strips are designed to be used daily. Avoid using for more than 12-15 hours per day. Each strip is for single use only – please avoid reapplying.If rash or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

What’s the best way to remove Level breathing strips?

Avoid ripping off your strip after use. Rather wash your face with warm water for 10 seconds, then gently lift each side of the strip and gently remove.Practical tip: remove while in the shower.

How are Level breathing strips better than other nasal strips?

Our breathing strips are the result of hours of obsession designing and testing the best possible product that would suit most. The product accounts for pain points faced with other similar products in the market and eliminates them. This includes reliable triple flexible bands to do the job, improved adhesive, water resistance, and durability even when wet.

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