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We're in the business of helping people be better, by breathing better. We hope to improve the health and outcomes of our customers through proper breathing. We believe in simplicity, efficiency and product innovation.


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Breathing strips are suitable for all skin types - the simplest, most effective solution to the most vital aspect of our health.


Indulgent respiratory relief that's potent, safe, and visually appealing.

30 Breathing Strips

30 Breathing Strips


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Breathe Freely, Live Fully:

Purposeful design for universal respiratory wellness.


Pure and drug-free

Tailored for diverse skin needs

Purposeful and straightforward


Level breathing strips are drug‑free nasal strips that instantly open your nose for nasal congestion relief guaranteeing increased nasal airflow. They are proven to significantly improve sleep, performance, and overall health.

Level breathing strips are equipped with three flexible “spring-like” bands that gently stick to the area right above the flare of each nostril. Once applied, the bands attempt to straighten back to their original shape, thus lifting and opening the sides of the nose for instant nasal congestion relief – a simple yet effective solution.

Absolutely! Level breathing strips are drug-free and work only to help enhance your nasal breathing.

Our breathing strips are the result of hours of obsession designing and testing the best possible product that would suit most. The product accounts for pain points faced with other similar products in the market and eliminates them. This includes reliable triple flexible bands to do the job, improved adhesive, water resistance, and durability even when wet.

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